Zero Intrusions in Zero Minutes

Across all threat vectors for all endpoints.

Detects and Defeats Eternal Blue

  • Amazingly small Endpoint Protection footprint
  • OS independent
  • Detects and defeats all threats using
    Artificial Intelligence
  • Cannot be sniffed, skimmed, or hacked

Our Solutions

  • Flare-X RouterRouter resident Security and communications protection
  • Flare-X Systems –PC’s, desktop and Macintosh computer systems resident
  • Flare-X Mobile –iPhone, iPad, Android phone and mobile devices resident
  • Flare-X IoT – Custom developed specific to the device

Flare-X™ REAL AI Cyber Ecosystem–A New Dimension of Cyber Security.

Protection for all Endpoints…

Flare-X™ protects against viruses, ransomware, phishing and eternal blue attacks. All communications are secured and your device is hidden from the external internet. Eliminating threats at the point of attribution is zero-minute protection.

Flare-X™ resides within the architecture of the endpoint system, protecting them from all attack vectors, known and unknown. All endpoints are managed by an AI engine.

AI Controlled
Data Watch
Video Watch
Audio Watch
Chipsets Support
SQL Injection
Zero-day Exploit
DNS Tunneling
Eternal Blue

Zero Minute Endpoint Protection for All connected devices

How It Works

Flare-Xinstantly sees threats and quarantines the communication from malware/hack through this process:

  • FlareX™ issues cloned code to misdirect the attack on the protected device
  • Attributes the source of attack
  • Mirrors malware/hack code back to the Maintenance AI
  • The AI develops a scripted algorithm to mitigate the attack
  • AI peers back the script to the end point effectively erradicating the attack
  • Upon successful mitigation, the endpoint returns to SOP

Flare-X™ Resilence

The Next Era of Cyber Resilience

Flare-X™ Real AI cyber ecosystem has revolutionized Endpoint Protection; allowing entities to remove themselves from the cyber battlefield. Our clients business, data, and devices are out of reach to threat actors.

We have unveiled a
new cyber dimension–Flare-X™.

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