At Flare-X we make the impossible–possible. Our team is comprised of leading executives with decades of computer & network experience spanning the government and private sectors. We are unified through a single vision.

We fulfill cyber security objectives to remain free from harm, stay connected, maintain confidentiality, and ensure business continuity for the government and private sectors. We provide a secure operating environment for all of our clients employing the latest in Artificial Intelligence and threat deterrent tools in our cybersecurity solutions.

Zero Minute endpoint protection for All connected devices


Our Flare-X endpoint Security environment and our REAL AI has undergone 8+ years of testing–Proven to withstand all attack vectors.


Create a safe cyber landscape free from malicious behavior.

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Learn more about the Flare-X™ Real AI cyber ecosystem and our cyber security solutions. We focus on your reputation, your business,
and your customers well being.

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