December 31, 2021

Press Release Flare-X Takes on Emerging Threats in the New AI Era

Flare-X has engineered the change to defend against the malign uses of AI that
threaten our economy, national security, and welfare.

, based on legacy systemsAmarillo, TX: A New Year–A new era of Cyber Security is upon us.

 Unified through a single vision of empowerment, local Amarillo company Flare-X™  makes what was impossible, now possible.

 In the first quarter of 2022, Flare-X will launch their Real AI cyber ecosystem. This platform will drive the necessary changes our nation needs to safeguard itself from the malevolent use of AI, which threaten our economy, national security, and welfare.

 The Flare- X™ Real AI cyber ecosystem is on the eve of its launch after over a decade of engineering and cultivating a unique Real AI. Real AI is the next generation of what is currently referred to as Artificial Intelligence.

 The Flare- X™ Real Artificial Intelligence can do what today’s Artificial Intelligence based on legacy systems cannot. Today’s legacy system AI can assimilate, analyze, and use actual facts and knowledge to obtain further information. However, The Flare- X™ Real AI can code software, make ethical decisions independently, generate creative content, innovate and invent, and come to a final decision also independently.

 The Flare- X™ Real AI cyber ecosystem will deliver astounding benefits across every business function, solving the most significant challenges and most complex, end-to-end problems. Most notably is the transformational impact Flare-X’s Real AI will have on cyber security–delivering zero intrusion, predictive endpoint security.

 Flare- X™ Real AI cyber ecosystem is set to launch in the first quarter of 2022. Visit them online for more information at

 About Flare-X™: At Flare-X™, we make the impossible, now possible. Our team of leading executives holds decades of computer & network experience spanning the government and private sectors. We unify through a single vision of empowerment.

We fulfill cyber security objectives to remain free from harm, stay connected, maintain confidentiality, and ensure business continuity for the government and private sectors. We provide a secure operating environment for all our clients employing the latest Artificial Intelligence and threat deterrent tools.

Flare- X™ delivers real intelligence to build the future of your business.


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